What Types of Personal Training Jobs Exist?

You can wear many hats as a personal trainer to earn a personal trainer salary. You can train clients individually or in group fitness classes, such as spinning or aerobics. You can also specialize in prenatal fitness or working with the elderly. The key is to find an approach that you enjoy and in which you can distinguish yourself as an expert.  For example, you could focus on weight loss, bodybuilding, youth fitness classes, or even corporate wellness.  You may decide to work for a large fitness chain, a mom and pop gym, or to go start your own business training clients in a private studio or their homes.  Some trainers even work with professional athletes and sports teams!  Becoming a Crossfit instructor is also a great alternative to traditional training.  Find out more about the advantages of Crossfit.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless to earning a personal trainer salary.  You have the power to market your skills and services toward your own interests and connect with others that share and enjoy your approach.  After you decide which area of fitness would be most interesting and rewarding for you, you should begin researching a specialized certification that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Author: TD Charles

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