What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

what does a personal trainer doA personal trainer is a certified professional that helps people meet their fitness goals.  Working with small groups or individuals, personal trainers help their clients to achieve higher levels of health and fitness in exchange for a personal trainer salary.  A personal trainer can assist clients in a variety of ways.  Maybe clients want a new program to help them get into shape or to add a few inches to their arms.  Personal trainers assess the current fitness level and health history of the client and then help the individual to reach these goals.  This process can be completed in a few sessions that assist the client in creating a new exercise program, or it can include several months of intensive exercise a few times each week.

Personal trainers also provide motivation and support. Trainers must listen to their clients and know when to push them, and when to let them rest.  As a trainer, building trust and a rapport with your clients is important so that they feel good about reaching their goals.

Some personal trainers have experience and certifications to assist in diet and nutrition or to work with special populations, such as elderly athletes or prenatal.

The work environments of trainers can vary.  Some trainers are associated with a big gym while others may choose to work independently.

Author: TD Charles

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