Adjustable Dumbell Reviews

The ability to train clients right in their own home could be a major selling point that can help set you apart from the competition and help increase your personal trainer salary.  However, this could be very challenging if your client doesn’t already have a home gym and especially if your client has a limited amount of space in their garage or living room.  The solution….adjustable dumbbells!

Adjustable dumbbells can be the perfect tool for getting the job done.  As you know, dumbbells offer a variety of workout options in a small package and they fit right in the trunk of your car.  They are space saving and cost effective, replacing hundreds of pounds of heavy weights at a fraction of the price of a complete set of standard dumbbells.  You don’t need all of those dead weights lying around the house.  All you need is a good pair of adjustable dumbbells and a little creativity to give your clients a killer workout!

With so many quality adjustable dumbbells on the market, there really is no excuse not to buy a pair.  So put down those resistance bands and pick up some iron!  We have reviewed what we believe to be the best pairs of adjustable dumbbells so that you can find the ones that are perfect for you.


Powerblocks – Known for their high quality and unique design, PowerBlocks are perfectly balanced and extremely versatile.  The quick-change design allows you to easily flow from one exercise to the next so that your heart rate stays up and your muscles stay challenged.  PowerBlocks are also expandable.  As your strength and fitness grow, so can your weights.  Compatible bars can also transform your PowerBlocks into barbells! PowerBlocks provides a Personal Trainer Program designed specifically with you in mind.  This program aims to support personal trainers by offering a 1 time discount on PowerBlock systems as well as a free trainer kit!  You can read some reviews and get some more information by visiting Amazon.


IronMaster – IronMaster dumbbells are the only adjustable weights that look and feel like traditional dumbbells. Their patented quick lock design offers a sturdy and familiar feel that has only been achieved by IronMaster.  IronMaster products are designed with the weight trainer in mind and engineered in the USA.  Each set of dumbbells also comes with a convenient weight rack that makes changing weights quick and easy. You can get  more information and read reviews at Amazon.


Bowflex Selecttech  You’ve probably seen SelectTechs commercials on TV., With Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells you can adjust the weight at the turn of a dial.  SelectTechs are adjustable by 2.5 lbs increments (up to the first 25 lbs) so that you can gradually increase your strength.  While they are less expensive than their competitors, the maximum weight is not expandable and the plastic feel of the plates may not appeal to some people. SelectTechs are backed by a 6 week guarantee, which states that if you don’t sculpt the body you want in 6 weeks you can return them for a refund. All in all, they are a quality product at an affordable price. You can get more information and read some reviews at Amazon.

Get started training clients on the go today.  Offering this new service could set you apart from the competition and increase your personal trainer salary.

Author: TD Charles

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