Top Reasons For Selling Supplements Online

selling supplements onlineAs a personal trainer, your clients probably ask you quite often, “What are the best supplements I can take?”  Your clients trust your opinion…heck, they are paying you for it!  And selling supplements online to your clients is another great opportunity for you to increase your personal trainer salary.

I know what you may be thinking, “Won’t I have to then buy and ship giant tubs of protein?”  Don’t worry. We’re not saying you should be hawking multivitamins out of your trunk.

Many of the retailers that you and your clients may already use offer great affiliate programs that allow you to make a commission off of the supplements that you already recommend.  Most sites will give you a discount code or referral link that you can email to your clients when they begin training with you or as they ask for specific suggestions on which supplements to take.

This allows you to partner with brands that are already trusted and reputable retailers in the health and fitness industry.  Your clients are most likely going to already go to companies like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe for their supplement needs, so why not offer them a discount while you make a few extra bucks.  Everyone wins and you look more professional by having your own discount code with a nationally recognized brand!

In some cases you can continue to make commissions off of your clients’ future purchases since the online retailers will already know they came through your link.  This can continue for months and years.

If you have a private website to promote your personal training business, you can include a page that highlights your favorite supplements and the retailers with whom you partner.  This easy step can give you another way to increase your personal trainer salary.

Signing up for an affiliate account is quick and easy.  It usually only requires your email address and some basic info so the company knows where to send your commission checks.

Author: TD Charles

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