Personal Trainer Passive Income Plan – Part 2


personal trainer income Creating passive income streams is what separates a wealthy personal trainer salary from aver one.  Passive income can generate money while you sleep so that you have more time and flexibility to train the clients you really want to work with.  By separating your personal trainer income from the hours you work and making your cash flow automated, you can massively grow your personal trainer salary.

Below are some great ideas for generating a passive income as a personal trainer.

Guides and eBooks

Writing your own How To Guides and eBooks is one of the best ways to multiply you and create a passive income.  All you need is basic word processing software and a few hours of your time.  You can write Quick Start and How To Guides on anything from How to Get 6 Pack Abs to Dropping 30 lbs in 30 Days.


Here are some other eBook and How To ideas:

–       Wedding Workout

–       Ad Inches to Your Arms

–       Protein Shake recipes

–       Beginners Guide to Healthy Eating

–       Strategies on How to Stay Motivated

–       Busy Mom at Home Workout

–       Fitness Tips for Travelers


The list of possibilities is endless.  It’s a chance for you to be creative and write about what ever you enjoy or to fulfill a common need you see for your clients.

Publishing your How to Guides and eBooks is simple and easy.   You could publish your own eBook or How To guide for free today by partnering with Amazon.


Selling Supplements Online

Selling supplements online through your personal website or via email is one way to create a passive income stream.  Since most of your clients are probably already asking you what supplements to take to get better results.  This is a great way for you to make money on an ongoing basis for advice you are probably already giving.

You can read this article for more information about how to get started Selling Supplements Online.


T-shirts and Custom Clothing

Companieslike Vistaprint make printing custom t-shirts, caps, duffel bags, sweatshirts, and just about anything else you can think of easy and affordable.  You could sell your own t-shirts with your custom logo and design on your website and have them shipped to your customers.  Vistaprint has great customer service, an easy to navigate account set-up, and no minimums to print.  Its an easy way to start selling your gear and getting your brand out there.


Drop Shipment of Fitness Equipment

Drop shipping is a way of selling fitness equipment and exercise gear without having to hold any inventory or pay the shipping costs.  You can make a store on your website and create your own prices.  When customers buy an item, the order is sent to the fulfillment company who houses and ships the product directly to the customer.  You don’t ever have to touch the item or deal with the customer.  Companies like and make the process really easy.  Start selling fitness products to your clients today to create a passive income stream.


Amazon Associates

Amazon offers just about any product you can think of all in one place.  The best part is you don’t need to have a product to take place in this giant online shopping center.  The Amazon Associates program allows individuals and professionals like you to create an online store consisting of the products and items you want to sell.  You can even add an Amazon store to your current webpage and customize the appearance so that it looks like your own website.

Amazon Associates makes it quick and easy to give your clients a large range of quality products at the best prices while putting commission in your pocket.  There is no inventory or shipping cost and you can sign up and start customizing your online store today!

Pick one idea from the list above and get started today.  In no time you will be on your way to generating more money and increasing your personal trainer income.


Author: TD Charles

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