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Online Personal TrainingOffering online training is a great way to make a passive income from your clients and increase your personal trainer salary.  Online training offers a great value for your clients and is becoming ever more popular.  If you were to charge a single client $50 a session on 3 days a week for a 4 week month, you could make $600 a month!  That would be great for your wallet, but finding clients who can afford this on a regular basis can often be difficult…not to mention that you would need to show up for those sessions.  That would be 12 hours a month that you are devoting to a single client.

By setting up an online training service for your clients, you can offer an entire month of training for the cost of one session!  You still provide the same advice and service, but at a much more affordable rate for the client.  You can create a customized diet and exercise plan online that your clients can access on a daily basis.  Clients can then log their workouts and chart their progress.

By providing online training, you can effectively train more clients in less time, providing you more time to spend with your family or to grow your business.  Just think, you can even get paid to train while you are on vacation!  Online training allows you to leverage your time more efficiently and offers an additional source of income to supplement your personal trainer salary.  By setting up recurring monthly payments, you guarantee that you are paid even if your clients do not complete their workouts.

Setting up an online training business has never been so easy.  Several online tools exist that offer a number of features at a very low monthly cost.  Check them out and see which one is right for you.  Here are some of our favorites:

eFitness Tracker – This service provides a number of useful features. It allows you to create your own website, earn a commission on the sale of fitness products, and provides access to leads for fitness clients, to name a few.  eFitness Tracker also offers 24/7 support and marketing resources to help you grow your client base and increase your online presence.  Click here for more info and a full list of their features.-

Fitness Generator – The cartoon-like demos are a bit dated, Fitness Generator is a profitable resource once you become familiar with it.   Perhaps the biggest draw to Fitness Generator is its creator, Ryan Lee.  His software may not be as flashy as his competitors’, but he knows how this industry works and shares that experience and knowledge with you.  You can even try the service free for 30 days with no further obligation.  Click here for more info and a full list of their features.-

Trainer Force – This software offers a well rounded service that includes the My Active profile page, goal tracking charts, and a searchable nutrition database.  You can design custom workouts, meal plans, and grocery lists.  Trainer Force also allows you to create your own personalized website with a custom header and logo, as well as send automated client emails.  Click here for more info and a full list of their features.-

Check back soon for more tips and ideas on how you can grow your personal trainer salary.

Author: TD Charles

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