Group Fitness Instructor Career

Group Fitness Instructors only teach about six hours per week.  This leaves a lot of time to work with individual clients.  If you are certified as both a Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer you can help to boost your Personal Trainer Salary by offering your clients various avenues for getting fit.

Most gyms and health clubs offer classes in certification. As a Group Fitness Instructor, you can reach more clients since you could have 20+ people in your class each night who could potentially become private clients.

group fitness instructorYou will need to take certain steps in order to become a Group Fitness Instructor and become more valuable to your gym and your clients.  For more information on what to do to get certified, check out our article – How to Become a Group Fitness Instructor.

Being a Group Fitness Instructor allows you to be creative with your classes and the choreography that you use.  The key to drawing more people to your classes and increasing your fitness instructor salary is to be creative and make your classes enjoyable.  If your clients can get a great workout and have fun, they will want to return and will surely tell their friends about the classes. Word of mouth is very powerful in this industry. It can make and break careers.

Author: TD Charles

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