Getting Started as a Personal Trainer

If you like being fit and helping others you may be asking yourself “How do I get started as a personal trainer?” Here are the key components we think you need to focus on in order to get started so you can earn a top personal trainer salary!

Do you have what it takes?The first step to starting a career as a personal trainer is deciding if you have the necessary traits to be successful.  Those that make a good personal trainer salary have a passion and excitement for fitness and exercise.  They need to be patient, organized, persistent, good listeners, and have the ability to motivate many types of personalities. It is also important that they lead a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt, but you need to set a good example for your clients since you are your best form of advertising.

Choosing a Certification – Once you decide that starting a career as a personal trainer is right for you, you need to get certified.  Several certification organizations exist that offer a variety of classes, workshops, and exams for certification. Nationally accredited organizations are the best choice.  If you already know a club where you would like to work, call them and ask what certifications they require.  If you are not sure where you would like to work once you are certified, you should call several clubs in your area to discover the various options that are available.  You can then narrow your options for possible certification organizations and research these organizations’ certification costs and see if they offer online study courses and/or live workshops in your area.  A rundown of some of our recommendations is a good place to begin your search!

Get Specialized – Personal training can be very competitive and having a specialized certification can set you apart from your competitors.  A specialty certification means that you have more to offer and allows you to charge more for your services.  Working with special populations can really boost your bottom line.

Next, you need to decide if you want to work for a club or if you are going to start your own business.  For more info, check out the Pros and Cons of starting your own Personal Training business.

Market YourselfOnce you begin, marketing yourself is extremely important.  Setting up a small home office with a computer, printer, and basic publishing software is essential. This will allow you to create flyers, ads, posters, business cards, and newsletters to post in local sporting goods stores and coffee shops.  Offering free consultations and seminars for large groups are great ways to find new clients and publicize your business.

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Author: TD Charles

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