What is a Crossfit© Trainer?

Are you interested in earning a Crossfit Trainer salary? Over the last few years, a new fitness craze has been popping up all over the world: Crossfit.  Crossfit is a broad and scalable way of training whose specialty is not specializing. Incorporating different approaches from Olympic-style heavy lifts to gymnastic based calisthenics, Crossfit has distinguished itself as the method of choice for principal strength and conditioning for many police academies, military special operations units,martial artists, and elite professional athletes.

crossfit trainer salaryCrossfit operates under the premise that every individual has a different fitness need. From Olympic athletes to housewives, many have found their best fitness results by following the Crossfit Workout of the Day, or WOD.

Crossfit© offers special certification training and seminars and regularly provides consultations to athletic teams and police and military organizations throughout the world.

Every year, top Crossfit athletes can qualify to compete in the Crossfit Games.  This is a grueling competition that taxes the body and mind of the competitors to see who will succeed. The winner claims the prize of knowing they are the most fit man or woman on the planet. Now those are some bragging rights!

Check back soon for more information on how a Crossfit Trainer salary can help you and your fitness career.

Author: TD Charles

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