Six Steps To Earning A CrossFIt Trainer Salary

You might be under the impression that becoming a Certified CrossFit Trainer is easy. In reality, earning a CrossFit Trainer salary is part of a professional career in the fitness industry. There are many schools of fitness that one can choose to have as a career and as a professional you will have to decide if CrossFit is right for you.

There are a several kinds of fitness trainer programs within the health and fitness sector. For every trainer program you’ll find specialty areas that may assist you in furthering your career.  Many new trainers will only focus on the fundamental levels of certification and neglect the more specialized areas like CrossFit.
Without furthering your credentials and seeking other qualifications, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with other trainers in the market place.  Many successful trainers will go past the fundamental requirements of the fitness industry and expand their expertise to include areas like CrossFit.

Developing Tracks

If you are planning to make being a CrossFit trainer your career path, you’ll need more than just the fundamental trainer program. A CrossFit Certification program can really stretch your abilities as a trainer and add greater value to the services you offer.
You can begin your fitness career with a basic fitness instructor course, which upon completion will qualify you to train clients.  After that you may pursue the next level of gym instructor, or level 2 courses to gain more knowledge of health and fitness.  When you feel as though you have a working knowledge on the body and overall health you can decide to specialize with a CrossFit Trainer Certification.

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How To Become a CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit is a program that combines strength training and conditioning for a functional workout that benefits the entire body. People from a variety of backgrounds including elite athletes, military personnel and martial artists participate in CrossFit.  The benefits of CrossFit include improved endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. There are two levels of certification in the CrossFit program to help you specialize as a certified instructor.

crossfit salaryStep 1

Look for a CrossFit gym near you and take a few classes.  This will allow you to become familiar with the training style and the techniques used in an average CrossFit workout.

Step 2

Go to the CrossFit website to see a qualification workshop in your town. Complete the registration form for the Level 1 Certification course. Reserve your space by filling out the online application and submitting your payment.  No prior fitness certifications are necessary to become a CrossFit instructor so if you are just starting out you can jump right in.

Step 3

Attend the two-day workshop. Take part in work out demonstrations and take notes to prepare for the final test. Take and pass the 50 question multiple-choice exam.


Step 4

Your official certification documents will arrive in the mail. You may now begin teaching CrossFit classes and start using CrossFit methods and workouts with one-on-one clients


Step 5

Consider taking the CrossFit Trainer Prep course to learn advanced training techniques. Find out more about the CrossFit methodology, designing programs, and learn ways to improve your overall coaching skills.


Step 6

Think about obtaining the CrossFit Stage 2 Certification after taking the Coach Prep course. Learn the new and advanced CrossFit techniques. Take part in a one-day assessment of your skills to earn your Level 2 Certification.


CrossFit Salary

An average CrossFit Trainer Salary is typically based on charging $15to $20 an one hour per person in a group class. You could earn $150-$300 per hour if you were to get 10 to 20 people to attend and pay $15 for a class. The industry is definitely headed in this direction.  Talk about time management! If could manage to coach four classes a day with 20 people per class, that comes out to $1200! The idea is always to work smarter, not harder, by properly managing your time.  Keep in mind these estimates do not include renting and maintaining a facility or business overhead.

Author: TD Charles

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